Home Cleaning Service

How often should you get your house clean?

A clean home is a healthy home. And it takes regular cleaning to maintain that sparkly clean and dust free home that will help you breathe good air quality.

Though we recommend a weekly and bi-weekly cleaning to stay on top and avoid build-ups especially when you have children and pets, we understand and respect that every household are different. It's your house and your budget so we will adjust with your needs.

Brileys Cleaning offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one time clean.

Basic Cleaning


  • Stove Top

  • Inside & Outside Microwave

  • Front of Appliances

  • Countertops

  • Sink

  • Empty Trash

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors

Living Room:

  • Dust

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors


  • Dust & Remove Cobweb

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors


  • Toilet

  • Tub & Shower

  • Sink & Countertops

  • Empty Trash

  • Mirrors

  • Vacuum & Mop Floors

Deep Cleaning

Includes "Basic Clean" plus the following extras:

  • Ceiling Fans

  • Light Fixtures

  • Light switches/outlet Covers

  • Reachable Interior Windows

  • Interior Window ledges and seals

  • Blinds

  • Baseboards

  • Door Frames

  • Front and back of doors

  • Glass Doors

  • Dust, remove cobwebs and spot clean walls.

  • Vacuum Air vents our vacuum attachment can reach.

  • Fronts of Cabinets and Drawers

What We don't do

  • Clean Chandeliers

  • Clean/Shampoo carpet

  • Provide stain or insect removal

  • Wash Walls ( Spot clean only)

  • Wash Blinds ( Dust only )

  • Remove Paint

  • Service garage and outdoor areas

  • Clean Animal waste or litter

  • Clean areas above the reach of our step tools

  • Service pet beds, cat trees, pet crates etc.

  • Move heavy items


  • We ask that you pick up toys, clothing and other items before our arrival so we can focus our time and efforts on dirt and grime, not putting things in their proper places.

  • All biohazard/feminine product waste must be wrapped and in a secure trash bag to be removed.