Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is your quote higher than some other companies?
A: We provide a quote that will be the price you pay, not an estimate that will more than likely change once the cleaning has commenced.

Q: Another company gave me a quote so why is your price still higher?
A: If you read the fine print of our competitors you'll usually find the payment covers a limited number of hours. This means they stop when the time is done or you pay more to extend to get your home cleaned. We don't do gimmicks. The price we quote to clean your home means your home will be cleaned at that price.

Q: Why do you require a deep clean for a first time cleaning?
A: To offer you the best price for maintaining your home, we have to deep clean first.

Q: Another company told me they can do a deep clean or move in/out cleaning in 3 hours with one housekeeper.
A: They are mistaken.

Q: Why do you clean an entire house every cleaning? Isn't it more efficient to do the rooms on a rotating basis?
A: Dust and other things that build up over time is what extends the time it takes to clean your home, therefore increasing the price we must charge. Maintaining the entire house on a weekly or biweekly basis is much more efficient, therefore saving you money while providing you with a clean home from corner to corner.